CWT’s normal services include complete site testing of all significant water sources on site including pretreatment, boiler and cooling, condensate networks, and wastewater streams. All testing services come inclusive with on-site consultation and generated reports to ensure or improve plant functionality and efficiency. We are also available for any special studies that may be needed like resin studies, dust suppressant studies, in-depth lab analysis, or facility efficiency improvements etc.

We offer bulk service and storage tanks to all of our customers but also sell our products in drums and totes to serve our smaller client’s needs.


Our Complete Water Treatment Services Include:

Boiler Water Treatment

Scale and corrosion can dramatically reduce the lifespan of all types of process equipment. Proper chemical treatment can prevent costly failures and lost production time.

Wastewater Treatment

CWT can provide the equipment, chemicals and expertise to minimize waste water and ensure that plant effluent is in compliance with regulations.

Water Treatment Equipment

CWT carries a complete line of water softeners, demineralizers, reverse osmosis systems and chemical feed systems. CWT takes a systemic approach to equipment selection. Our solutions will result in properly treated water for all applications while minimizing costs. Call us for a free survey.

Cooling Water Treatment

Water cooled equipment can be damaged by slime, algae, mineral deposits and corrosion, resulting in lost efficiency and high maintenance costs. Columbia Water Technology can specify a treatment program to prevent these problems.

Lab Analysis Services

Columbia Water Technology’s. lab services include water analysis, deposit analysis, waste water studies, failure analysis, biological analysis and metallurgical services.

Process Chemicals

Columbia Water Technology provides a wide range of chemical additives including biocides, antifoams, coagulants, floc aids, corrosion inhibitors and many others.


Chemical Feed Systems
Cooling Water Chemicals
Cost-Effective Boiler Water Treatment
RO Chemistry


Columbia Water Technology provides Water Treatment & Sanitation Services to industrial plants throughout the US and overseas.

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