CWT can aid in your process from boiler and cooling water system to waste water. Some of our projects include start-ups, on-going operations, waste water trials, and pre-treatment rectification.

Waste Water

Columbia Water Technology took on an industrial waste water project for one of our customers. The customer was having difficulty achieving the heavy metal discharge requirements and we dedicated ourselves to a full waste water trial study and trial to achieve the required outcome. To date, the customer has been able to consistently discharge their waste water safely to the environment without issue.


A current project has been to help one of our customers through consultation to optimize a full ZLD system and complicated pre-treatment system.


A coal fired power station was experiencing massive inefficiency in their water treatment process. Columbia was able to re-evaluate the water treatment operation to aid in increasing boiler cycles and water usage which resulted in over $500,000/yr in fuel costs and reduces stress on the membrane performance.


CWT can help in any aspect of your water treatment needs. We have knowledge and can provide services from beginning to end. We can advise and aid with start-up operations for new projects. We can and will work with your engineering team(s) to start-up new operations. We have helped to start-up a new power stations, boilers and cooling systems of various sizes and pressures ranging from 150 psi to 2,700 psi boilers and tower utilizing millions of gallons/day.

For all your water treatment needs and requirements Columbia Water Technology can assist you!

Columbia Water Technology provides Boiler Water & Wastewater Treatment to industrial plants throughout the US and overseas.

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